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Helping local service businesses generate and convert leads through lead generation services, Artificial Intelligence and software systems.

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Qualified Leads That Convert To Customers

A Cost Effective Solution to Boost Your Business Growth

So your business needs a steady, cost effective flow of new leads that will convert to new customers!

Leads For Services can provide that for you with high quality leads generated through paid ads campaigns.

Straightforward and quick to setup and implement

No major time or effort involvement from you.

Cost effective pricing ensures that you can spend a lot more on your ads than on the management fees.

Get a great ROI on your total spend.

Just complete a quick, simple onboarding process and you could have high quality leads for your business in a few days.

Whether you require general leads or fully qualified leads, it's no problem.

Leads For Services offer direct from Ad leads or fully qualified leads based on your specified qualification criteria

Leave your customer aquisition to Leads For Services and concentrate on what matters, growing your business.

Start Your Journey To Business Growth With

High Quality Lead Generation

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High Quality Leads

Our lead generation process ensures high quality, targeted leads.

high quality leads means you can convert more leads to customers

Convert More Leads

AI and software tools to help generate and convert more leads

Customer aquisition tailored to your business requirements

Tailored To Your Business

Lead generation packages tailored to YOUR business.

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Grow Your Business

Partnering with Leads For Services makes growing your business easier and faster.

Leads For Services Packages

Choose the customer generation and management package that is right for your business

Lead Generation Ad Campaigns.

High quality leads that convert to customers.

Pre qualified from your lead qualification criteria

Targeted leads from high intent customer searches using paid ads and high converting landing pages.

AI ChatBots and Appointment Booking bots.

Custom built AI conversational bots trained on your specific company data.

Significantly reduce customer service and enquiry load times and book appointments without the need to manually engage with leads.

Maximise organic website lead generation.

Connectionably Software Marketing Systems Platform.

Lead and customer management and marketing systems platform.

Consolidate multiple business software packages, operations and social platforms into one app.

Automate multiple marketing and customer service processes.

Save time and money

Lead Generation Ad Campaigns and AI Bots

Generate new leads from high intent searches with managed paid ad campaigns and high converting landing pages.

Maximise your lead generation from your organic website traffic.

Lead Generation Ad Campaigns and Software Platform.

Generate new leads from high intent searches with paid ad campaigns.

Leverage software automation, customer management and marketing systems with the Connectionably software platform.

Lead Generation, AI Bot and Software Platform.

Generate new leads with high intent paid ad campaigns.

Maximise your lead generation from your organic website traffic

Leverage software automation and systems

AI Bots and Connectionably Software Platform.

Ideal if you have a large volume of organic website traffic and social messaging enquiries.

Automated software marketing systems and customer management.

Ai conversational chatbots for organic lead capture

Maximise Lead Quantity And Quality

A Conversion Optimised Solution to Boost Your Business Growth

Want as many leads as possible from your 

ad spend, your organic website traffic and social channels?

With our Conversion Optimised Packages you will benefit from increased lead enquiries and more conversions, not just from paid ads but from your organic traffic as well.

You see, other lead generation companies do just that.

They provide basic leads from paid ads and the rest is up to you.

But here we hit a problem or two.

After supplying high quality leads to multiple businesses, it became obvious that generating new leads was not the only thing they required.

A LOT of small service based businesses fail to effectively follow up with the leads that they are paying for, or the organically generated leads from their social media and website.

It is understandable that, as a small business owner you wear many hats. From the day to day running of your business to providing your services, a lot of small business owners struggle with finding the time to do everything.

You want to grow your business so you need new customers.

That means generating leads and following up. When you are knee deep in other jobs and the phone rings you can't always take that call. That enquiry form or message often goes unanswered for too long then you have lost that business.

Another issue that is common across multiple businesses is the lack of conversion optimisation features on their websites and social channels.

This means that lots of potential customers leave their website without making an enquiry or don't receive information through the business's social channels.

Once again, for those that do fill in a contact or enquiry form, quite often they receive a reply too late and have already moved on to another service provider.

Social channels provide excellent ways of marketing your business and communicating with potential customers but continually hopping from platform to platform to both post content and reply to enquiries is time consuming and often inconvenient regardless of it being neccessary.

For website visitors that use live chat on a business's website, it's hardly ever that. They enter an enquiry then sit and wait until someone responds. in some cases that can be over 30 minutes and they just give up. Another potential customer lost.

Wouldn't it be great if you had access to a platform that can automate message responses, use AI conversational bots to engage and provide support to your potential clients and save you time in answering questions and providing responses. 

Have your leads automatically book into appointments on your calendar and generate a list of contacts for future marketing opportunities as well as consolidating all your messaging channels and social posting into one platform.

You can with Connectionably, the Leads For Services software platform and AI conversational bots.

Leads For Services not only provides cost effective, high quality lead generation through paid advertising campaigns but also provides conversion optimisation software and AI tools to help you generate and convert more leads into customers from your organic website visitors and social channels

Not only can you generate and convert more leads into paying customers, our software provides time and cost saving functionality to streamline your business operations to help you regain some of that lost time and expense. 

Want To Optimise and Streamline Your Business With Software Tools And Automations

AI Bots

Conversational AI Chat And Booking Bots

Conversational AI bots trained on your company data

Got a website with a livechat?

How well does your livechat operate?

Do you suddenly realise that a potential customer made an enquiry 30 minutes ago and your livechat isn't actually live.

Do You need someone to continually monitor and respond to enquiries?

Do you need a chat app on your website?

For most businesses that employ livechat, it can be more pain than gain.

Constantly monitoring for enquiries and then having to respond, taking time out from other tasks.

An AI bot from Leads for Services can be an ideal solution for live responses to enquiries.

The AI bots can be fully trained on your business data and respond in a natural, conversational way. 

They can provide support and responses to enquires and even book appointments without any human interaction.

Increase your organic lead generation from website vistors through better customer engagment and experiences.

Leads For Services AI bots can be integrated with our software platform and other online apps or operate as standalone entities.

Easily embedded into any website, they can provide significant benefits for businesses looking for a high performance and time saving option for organic lead generation, customer enquiries, support and appointment booking.

Using compiled informational documents about your business, the bots can be trained to act as a customer support employee with full knowledge of your business operations.

Built using the latest AI platforms and conversational AI models, these bots can be integrated with multiple applications and can be designed to provide multiple functions and automations.

Want To See How AI Can Benefit Your Business

Software Automation

Optimise Organic Lead Generation With Our Software Tools

Capture More Organic Leads With Our Website Apps

Got a website?

Have organic traffic?

Use Social Media For Your Business?

How well does your website capture leads and provide messaging channels?

What happens to those contact details and enquiries when you receive them?

Does your contact form automatically create contacts in a CRM that you can retarget?

Does your web chat leave potential customers hanging with no reply?

Can customers book appointments directly from your website or messaging?

For most local service businesses, their website is a financial drain, not an asset.

The fact is, if you can optimise your information capture, communication and appointment setting channels, your organic lead generation will improve significantly.

Leads For Services also provides Software as a Service ( SaaS ) to help optimise your lead capture from your organic website vistors.

Our SaaS, Connectionably.com, provides several highly beneficial tools for advanced lead capture that can be embedded directly into your website.

Optimise Your Lead Generation And Time With Our Software Tools

Are you buried under non direct tasks that take you away from your real business operations?

Would you like to be able to automate your non essential tasks and consolidate all your messaging, appointment booking, social interactions and reputation management into one platform?

Lead generation is crucial for business growth and is more than just marketing,.

It is also comprised of organic traffic conversions, appointment booking, communication with potential clients through multiple channels and business reputation management and awareness.

Your business reputation, essentially, your reviews, and your brands social presence figure highly in both generating and converting leads.

Our SaaS provides multiple built in features that significantly help your business improve your potential customers perception and trust of your company, improve your Google Business Profile ranking, manage your clients and appointments and streamline your communication channels and social posting.

Integrating our software means you can save time, money and reduce stress while increasing your lead generation beyond paid channels.

Want To Optimise and Streamline Your Business With Software Tools And Automations