Client Results In A Difficult Market

Our Client And Their SEO History

Our client has a B2B service business in a narrow vertical. Across the country, many businesses in this sector are failing to recover from the pandemic as their clients cut back on spending in this sector.

However, marketing in the sector still remains very competetive due to the high customer value for the primary services.

When our client came on board 6 months ago, they had various online assets that were not optimised or aligned. Their previous SEO agency had provided no value over the 12 months our client had been with them. 

The articles and content that they had created were worthless as they did not target any commercial or transactional intent keywords or phrases or any industry related questions or information.

The articles themselves were very short and provided no information or value to anyone reading them. The articles constantly cross referenced multiple services that our client provided, completely losing focus on the topic of the post and proving poor in terms of ranking due to the mixed signals the search engines discovered when crawling the articles.

The articles contained little to no location based relevancy and the titles and headings were limited at best.

Our Client's Website - Then

Our client's website offers multiple services within their business sector but the page copy was very limited with no value or any emphasis of benefits to potential clients. 

A simple contact form in the footer along with the one on the contact us page were the only points of enquiry apart from the listed phone number. There were no benefit or urgency based calls to action to drive vistors to contact the business.

Our Client's Google Business Profile - Then

Our client's Google Business Profile or Google My Business as it was when they joined us, only had basic information on it. When performing searches for our clients services, the listing failed to show in the top 15 of the map pack results. The chances of someone discovering our clients business through Googles local search was low and the chance of generating any business through it was virtually nil.

Our Client's SEO Journey With Us

Google Business Profile First

During the time our client has been on board with our SEO service we have accomplished a lot.

Our first priority was to align their online assets. This involved optimising their Google Business Profile in line with the services on their website. We added services, products, images and a full compliment of business details to initially update their listing.

This provided a very quick result in jumping their listing into a much higher ranking within the local map pack.

Beginning Website Optimisation For Our Client

Next up was some work on the website.

It is one problem not getting traffic but its another if your website does not convert that traffic to leads when it arrives.

We updated a significant amount of their web page content over a period of time, starting with their most profitable and popular services. This involved rewriting the entire page for each service offering. 

We promoted the benefits of using their service, their staff commitment to quality and customer service, added in several conversion optimised calls to action along with a great deal of value based content regarding the service itself.

As there were limited contact forms, we improvised and added the phone number and the email address individually to the calls to action as the theme the site was built on was not great for adding pop up forms or slide ins and the layout was not really suited to embed forms in the content.

We implemented Google Analytics and Search Console on the website along with a tracking code to the Google Business Profile in order to monitor traffic and engagement.

Feeling The Benefit Of The Work So Far

Six weeks in and our client was seeing more engagement and enquiries. Analytics was showing click throughs from the Google Business Profile and The Google Business Profile insights were showing some engagement and actions including calls to the business from the listing showing up on mobile search.

Building On the Foundational Work

Now that we had the foundational work well under way it was time to start some further optimisation of the Google Business Profile ( GBP ) lisitng.

We started to add posts and more images for engagement. we implemented an offer to attact more clients and built out some citations within business directories and some local resources.

We audited existing citatations for consistent business information and corrected any that were incorrect. Citations provide links and authenticity signals to Google regarding a business and it's online presence.

We started to perform GBP audits on competing businesses and report spam listings and listings that were not abiding by Googles terms and conditions. 

We added a few more services to the listing and reproduced them as products to increase visibility.

We provided our client with a link to email to their customers in order to ask for reviews of their business. As the reviews started to come in we made sure to reply to boost engagement and visibility.

This resulted in our clients listing moving into the top 3 listings in the map pack for multiple services they provide.

More Website Work

As we continued to optimise the remaining service pages we started to add blog posts targeting service related search queries.

These posts contained keywords and phrases that were regularly searched for relating to our clients services.

We once again provided valueable information to create reader engagement along with suitable calls to action. We added internal links to the relevant service page for an added boost to onsite SEO.

We re-wrote the contact us and about us pages to be more viewer friendly and informative. The about us page is so often written as an afterthought when it can be great way to develop trust by providing some genuine personal insights into the people at the company.

Conversion optimisation is about a lot of factors and trust is a major factor.

Our Clients Present Situation

Six months in and our client's online presence is a much improved scenario.

Their business has 40 keywords ranking in the top 3 postions for local organic search with 91 showing in the top 10 results.

Their Google Business Profile is receiving over 2700 views a month and driving calls and website visits daily.

Their website now showcases their services and benefits to provide a much better conversion rate for lead generation.

The images displayed below are from our SEO monitoring software - Semrush, our clients Google analytics and their Google Business Profile insights.

Due to our non disclosure agreement our client must remain anonymous but the results documented are genuine.

While some of the traffic figures may seem low, it should be noted that in our clients business sector there are only around 8000 searches nationally each month for their primary service main keyword.

While our client offers several services in their sector, the traffic volume is never going to be tremendously high and the figures from the graphs represent a local service business within a limited service area that has only a small percentage of the national volume of traffic as potential clients.

This was and is a tough challenge considering the clients business sector is not a high traffic sector and how it is suffering in the present economic climate. We have however, delivered some great results

Leads For Services Client visability Report

The above image shows an increase in search visibility of over 500%. 

Leads For Services Client Website Traffic

The above image shows a projected increase in organic search website traffic of close on 300%.

This was accomplished in around two and half months with a brief drop in March before it stabilised. The drop happened around the time of a small Google algorithm update and may have been briefly affected by the changes.

A Graph Of A Leads For Services Client Google Analytics Website Traffic

The image above is taken from our clients Google analytics for the past month. It shows that actual traffic figures are double the estimated figures for the month and a traffic increase of around 500% from when our client came on board. 

While the average engagement time seems a little short, it should be noted that our client receives the majority of their enquiries by phone and the phone number is placed strategically over the website. The phone numbers are accompanied by targeted calls to action which reduce the time a viewer needs to decide to contact the company.

Leads For Services Client Keyword Overview

The image of our Semrush dashboard for our client shows the keyword ranking positions for their website.

40 Keywords occupy the top 3 positions in local search for their business services.

91 rank in the top 10 of the search results.

Leads For Services Client GBP Insights

The above image is taken from the Google Business Profile dashboard of our client. It shows that our client had nearly 8.5k views of their profile in the past calendar quarter. 

This is an increase of nearly 1700% from when we started the contract 6 months ago.

If you would like similar results for your business, why not give us a call and see how we can help you with your local service business marketing and website design.

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