AI Chat Bots And AI Booking Bots For Service Businesses

Optimise Organic Lead Generation With Conversational AI Bots

Want to know how your business can save time and money while increasing customer generation with AI

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AI bots from Leads For Services will take your conversion optimisation to a new level while saving you time and money.

Even if your website information and design are poor, an interactive conversational bot can significantly improve your enquiries and appointment booking rate.

Using the latest technology and leading AI platforms, a conversational bot can be programmed with your company data in order to act as a dedicated customer service employee that never sleeps.

These bots can provide 24hr customer support regarding enquiries about your business and can even book customers into appointments in your calendar.

Lead Generation Problems Solved By AI Bots

Enquiry Response Time

A lot of small service businesses fail to respond to enquiries within the required time.

Research shows us that enquiries have a maximum response window of 5 minutes in order to optimise any chance of aquiring a customer from that lead enquiry.

An AI bot can provide instant and conversational responses to satisfy that speed to lead answer. This significantly increases lead conversion rates.

Time Lost Replying To Enquiries

AI bots release businesses owners and staff from the constant interuption of having to reply to enquiries.

From simple opening hours enquiries to more complex questions, providing the bots have enough data to work from, they can save businesses hours in non productive time by answering these enquiries.

Pre Qualify Leads

Bots can be used to pre qualify leads.

If your business requires certain criteria from a potential customer, the AI bots can be configured to ask qualifying questions in a conversational manner.

This enables filtering of non suitable leads which saves you time and keeps appointment slots free for suitable clients.

Book More Appointments

The usual process of booking a potential customer into an appointment can be cumbersome, time consuming and slow.

It usually requires good website copy and information, an initial phone call or response to a contact form and some manual conversation in order to book a lead into an appointment.

Conversational bots can provide an end to end solution, from answering the initial query, qualifying the lead as a suitable client and then booking them into a calendar, all without any human interaction.

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Leads For Services AI bots can be integrated with multiple platforms and can also operate as standalone entities on your website.


The AI bots can be integrated with Connectionably, Leads For Services software platform.

This can provide multiple channel responses through consolidated messaging channels such as Facebook, Instagram and SMS responses.

Using the calendars provided in the software, the bots can automate appointment bookings for your business.

Social Channels

AI bots can be directly integrated with various social channels such as Facebook and Whatsapp to provide automated responses to enquiries.

Website Builders

Compatible with multiple website builders including Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Duda, Webflow and many more.


Connect to Google Calendars, Calendly and other calendars to automate your appointment bookings.


Connect to various CRM's to automate your lead and customer collection details.

AI Chat And Automation Benefits

Increase organic lead generation and save time and money

Book more appointments without the need to speak to a lead.

Automated enquiry response and customer support

Qualify leads before engaging with them or booking appointments.

Built using leading technology platforms with large custom knowledge base integrations.

Utilises the most up to date versions of Chat GPT, Open AI and Claude Large Language Models

Cost effective solutions built to your business requirements

Complete Custom AI Automation solutions available

Would you like your business to benefit from AI automations?