Lead Generation For Local Service Businesses

Lead Generation Is Pointless Unless You Can Generate Customers From Those Leads.

Receive targeted, quality leads that convert to customers with managed paid ads campaigns from Leads For Services

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Cost effective lead generation that provides high converting leads for your local service business.

The lifeblood of your business is a stream of new customers. Aquiring those customers however, can be headache.

The problems with lead generation are the time, cost and knowledge it takes to properly execute a good marketing strategy. 

While other strategies such as SEO can provide leads they are not without their inherent issues. Investing in lead generation through paid advertising with Leads For Services guarantees you will receive cost effective, high quality leads that convert to customers. 

Why not let Leads For Services take away the stress of your customer aquisition, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business. 

Lead Generation Issues Solved

Lead Aquisition Time

Lead generation through paid advertising is the fastest way to aquire new leads.

By placing ads in front of people or businesses searching for your service provides the best opportunity to generate leads.

Receive quality leads within several days or sooner from starting with our service.

Marketing Knowledge

Not only are most business owners too busy to set up and run their marketing campaigns but they usually lack the knowledge required to effectively execute the strategies.

Leads For Services provides a service based on indepth knowledge and experience of the paid ads arena.

Qualified Leads

Leads mean nothing if they don't convert to customers.

Using search intent queries to place ads in front of people and businesses actively seeking your services, Leads For Services generates high converting leads for your business.

Need your leads to meet a criteria. No problem. Supply your lead qualification details and potential leads can be pre qualified before being passed through to you.

Budget Optimisation

Don't get trapped by agencies shouting about ROAS. That is your return on ad spend and does not include your costs for their services.

Leads For Services optimises your ad campaigns to give the best return on your whole marketing outlay including service management fees.

The figures we quote are inclusive of your management fees so that you know the real return on your whole marketing spend.

Need to quickly generate more quality leads from your marketing budget?

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The Lead Generation Service

The Leads For Services lead generation service is a simple and effective solution for local service businesses to generate new customers from quality leads. 

The lead generation service comprises of managed ads campaigns and landing pages that provide lead data collection, direct lead contact through calls and lead qualification where required.

How The Lead Generation Service Works

Marketing Budget

Decide on your marketing budget. 

It will need to be sufficient to cover the cost of the ads and the Leads For Services management fee. 

If you are unsure of what your budget needs to be, it can be discussed on a call. 

Leads For Services can work with businesses that have smaller budgets as long as they understand the limitations of a lower ad spend.

Discovery Call

Give us a call or schedule a call back for a discovery session where we discuss your requirements, budget, business operations and how the service works and can benefit your business.

If both parties are a good fit and a suitable package is agreed on then the service can commence.

Client Onboarding

This is a straightforward and relatively simple process. We provide you with a form and some instructions and you provide the relative information in order for us to start building your ad campaign.

You provide the ad budget directly into your ad account and pay the agreed monthly Leads For services management fee.

Campaign Creation And Execution

Once the onboarding is complete and access to your ad account is granted or a new account set up if there is not in one in place, the landing pages are created and your ad campaign is then created and submitted for approval.

Once approval is granted, the campaign will run using the agreed allocated budget and will be continually monitored and optimised in order to provide the best quality leads at the most cost effective price per lead.

Reporting And Client Communication

There several options available for reporting and communication through various channels is available during working hours

Lead Generation Service Benefits

Receive an increase in high quality, converting leads.

Book more appointments without the need to manually qualify leads.

Fully managed and optimised ad campaigns leaving you to concentrate on your business.

Get a great return on you total marketing budget.

Professionally designed landing pages that convert and qualify vistors to leads.

Receive calls direct from leads who have expressed an interest in the service you are offering

Cost effective solutions that match your business requirements

Complete lead generation and follow up packages available

Would you like your business to benefit from High Quality Lead Generation?