Optimising Lead Generation With Software Automation

Need to optimise your lead generation and customer management while saving time and money.

Discover how software automation can provide multiple benefits for your local service business

In order to optimise your lead generation there are three major components to consider - marketing, conversion optimisation and follow up.


This can take the form of paid lead purchase, paid ads, SEO, social posting, direct messaging and various other channels.

Depending on your marketing channel or method, you may or may not drive traffic to your website. This will affect how you capture lead information and enquiries and then communicate and retarget them in future marketing campaigns.

As an addition to your other marketing channels, our software platform provides options for retargeting existing contacts using email marketing or SMS. 

To help streamline your business operations while increasing your business exposure, our software platform provides consolidated messaging functionality and social platform integration with social posting features coupled with AI functionality.

Conversion Optimisation

Have you paid for SEO or are you driving traffic through other channels to your website but still not seeing an increase in leads?

Odds are that if your visitor numbers have increased, your website is not capturing their details or driving them to call or make further enquiries. 

This is a conversion optimisation issue that can be attributed to either your web page content and calls to action, your information capture tools or both.

Conversion optimisation has many variants.

From how your website content or your calls to action are written through to the available lead capture tools on your website, all play a part.

For any channel that involves direct contact response, such as phone calls then it is usually a human interaction.

For any marketing channel that drives potential leads to your website, things are very different.

In order to effectively convert website visitors into leads all requirements must be present and correct.

Our software provides several embeddable tools that help to capture your leads details, book appointments and communicate through web chat.

Follow Up

Once a lead has provided their details and made an enquiry, it is essential to follow up as soon as possible. 

Marketing and psychological studies have shown that you have approximately 5 minutes to respond from when the lead calls or submits an enquiry in order to have any real chance of generating business from the lead in most cases.

Responding to an enquiry an hour after it is made reduces the likelyhood of gaining that customer by nearly 80% as society moves to an instant response and immediate result mindset.

For most businesses that is a struggle. They either don't receive notifications quickly enough, respond too late or are busy and just unable to respond.

Our software provides automation tools that help to engage the lead and prolong the available response time in order for you to make contact, increasing your conversion rate and generating more paid business.

Maximise Organic Lead Generation From Your Website

Generate more leads and appointments from your organic website visitors with our embeddable widgets and software system

Automated Contact Forms

Replace your standard contact form with our smart contact forms that automatically create a contact in a CRM.

Embedded logic paths allow you to qualify or segment leads within the form

 Available with auto generated SMS replies to engage the lead along with internal enquiry notifications in mobile app, desktop and SMS.

webchat icon
SMS Driven Smart Web Chat

Connectionably's web chat widget is SMS driven meaning your lead can be contacted regardless of whether they leave the website or not.

Receive the web chat direct to your desktop app or your phone in our mobile app so that you can reply immediately.

Available with smart reply automations and AI chatbot integration for initial lead engagement and response.

calendar image
Appointment Booking Calendar

Embed our calendar widget on your website and use our apps to view and manage your appointments on your desktop and phone

If required you can add a questionaire form and / or payments in order for leads to book an appointment.

Available with automated SMS booking bot and appointment reminders to increase show rates.

Want to optimise your website's organic lead generation?

Lead Management And Messaging

CRM image

A CRM that benefits from auto created contacts from your lead capture tools.

Manage and message your leads and customers from inside the desktop and mobile apps

Tag and sort your leads

consolidated messaging channels from Connectionably.com
Consolidated Messaging

Managing leads and communicating across multiple platforms is extremely time consuming.

With our consolidated interface you can link multiple messaging platforms and interact and manage your communications from one place.

No more platform hopping.

image of customer pipeline journey

Pipeline stages to manage the lead journey from initial contact through to customer

Drag and drop contact cards for pipeline stage movement and automation triggering

Mark contacts dependant on their interactions - lead / customer / showed / no show etc

Benefit From Time Saving and Cost Saving Single Platform Access

Reduce your costs of paying for multiple applications with our all in one solution.

All your business requirements for contact management and communication in one place.

Business Automation And Management tools

review management icon
Reputation Management

Request and manage your Google and Facebook reviews in app

Reply to reviews left and dispute fake Google reviews from inside the app.

Available with automation workflow for automated review requests

Instagram icon representing consolidated social media posting from connectionably.com
Social Media Posting

Post to multiple social media channels from inside the app

Create posts and then post immediately or schdule posting for a later date.

Bulk upload posts and schedule. Create a month's worth of contents in one go and schedule

Software automations for business and marketing

Pre built and custom automations for auto messaging reply, appointment reminders, pipeline management and more.

Save time with automated processes that benefit you and your business

mobile phone app from connectionably.com
Mobile And Desktop Apps

Access your contacts, messages, appointments and more through our desktop and mobile apps.

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