What Clients We Work With

See who our ideal lead generation clients are and if your business is a good fit

Client / Service Fit

We are not a good fit for every company that requires paid lead generation and conversely not every company is a good fit for us.

To ensure that we can provide the best service possible and generate our clients the best possible returns on their marketing outlay, there has to be a good fit between both.

There is significant responsibilty on the business's behalf to process the leads effectively.

Industry sectors do not matter, what is important are the actual operational and financial capabilities of our clients along with a desire to grow their business.

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Our ideal lead generation clients are service businesses with a local or regional customer base.

They will be looking to expand their business's client base, revenue and possibly work capacity and staffing levels.

They should have provisions both finacially and operationally to cope with the extra work that our lead generation service provides and the costs of our services.

They should have either a system in place with staff or be personally competent at following up new leads in a timely manner.

They should possess the capability to convert new leads into a sufficient number of paying customers, with a customer value at a level that warrants the investment in lead generation.

They should be seeking long term growth and consistent new lead flow. Even though we dont tie clients to a long term contract, we prefer to build a working relationship with clients that lasts and provides both parties with satisfactory results.

Company size and industry is not important.


Do you fit our ideal client profile or think we may be a good fit for your lead generation?

 The Problem

Some businesses are not suitable fit for our lead generation services.

There are multiple reasons why but common issues include the following.

The Solution

We always try to offer a cost effective solution for any company that requires our services.

While the solution offered may not be initially what the company required, it may facilitate a suitable replacement or enable a company to reach a position where our lead generation services are practical

They do not have enough budget.

If a business does not have the required budget for our lead generation services, we may be able to offer a software solution that can prove affordable and effective.

They do not have enough capacity to cope with a regular flow of new leads.

We have found that businesses that have long completion times on their services, such as kitchen and bathroom renovation providers and builders etc, easily become overwhelmed by lead quantity due to the time it takes to complete each job.

This means that they need to keep adjusting their lead quantity month to month which affects ad costs and ad effectiveness, in turn increasing lead cost.

Companies in these types of business sectors must be prepared to cope with increased workloads either by hiring more staff or other means.

Businesses fail to follow up with leads.

They either take too long, don't respond at all or don't attempt to follow up again if the lead is not available at the first attempt.

This is commonplace, especially in industries where the business owner works in a hands on environment and often can't respond to new leads immediately. 

It is critical to respond to new enquiries within a few minutes otherwise they will look elsewhere. In marketing this is referred to as Speed To Lead.

Our software solution and AI bots ( extra cost ) can offset this problem to a degree using automated messaging responses but, at the end of the day it is up to the business to contact the lead in a timely manner.

Businesses are in regulated sectors that we do not deal with.

Currently this applies to businesses in the financial sector and medical related niches.

This is because of the verification processes and legal requirements required by ads platforms and regulatory bodies.

Businesses fail to convert leads at a sufficient rate.

Failing to convert leads into paying customers at a suitable rate means that your lead generation will fail to be profitable.

During the consultation we will need to know what your genuine conversion rate is from new leads. Bear in mind that the leads we supply are warm leads that are actively looking for your service so should convert at a good rate. 

We can also qualify leads to your requirements so that the leads you receive are optimal for your business and should convert at a higher rate.

Nothing is perfect and occaisionally you may receive a less than optimal lead but our campaigns can run across multiple clients in the same sectors, area dependant, and any common issues tend to be apparent across all comparitive campaigns.

Failing to convert the leads we supply is usually a client failure, harsh as it seems, that is why we require our clients to be competent at closing their leads.

We track all supplied leads.

Client's customer volume is not available or costs are prohibitive

In some business sectors or locations, local search volume is not at a sufficent level to effectively run our campaigns. 

This can be a limitation of the ads platforms we work with and how they construct their advertising requirements or it may just be a lack of target demographics.

Some sectors are highly competetive and while we are efficient at running campaigns on various platforms, occaisionally the cost per lead is too high for a client.

A software provided solution may be an alternative.

Client's customer value is not high enough.

When a business's customer order value does not justify lead generation costs, we can usually offer a software solution that may be an alternative.


Do you fit our ideal client profile or think we may be a good fit for your lead generation?